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GC-4500 Gas Chromatography System

5 kinds of sample injectors and all conventional detectors can be attachable depending on samples for analysis. In particular, for analysis of environmental samples (water quality, air, soil and wastes) satisfactory outcome can be achieved by connecting a sample preparation system such as the Purge & Trap.


  • Automatic flow control and ignition of the FID- flame
  • Auto-start of chromatogram when sample is injected
  • Gas save function (Capillary Injector)
  • TCD maximum current control based on the type of gas
  • Optional valves (solenoid, 2-position) control function
  • Automatic notification of power-off

GC-46 Gas Chromatography (UNDER IMPROVEMENT)

GC-46 Electronic pressure flow monitoring gas chromatography

GC-46 gas chromatography is a new generation of gas chromatograph with high stability and reliability, which is suitable for routine testing. It is equipped with advanced electronic pressure and flow measurement monitoring EPFM module, by adjusting gas circuit knob, can get gas parameters easily in the host screen and workstation, including the pressure and flow of carrier gas, hydrogen, air etc, and the injection port diversion ratio, column flow, etc. No flow meter measurement and manual calculation required, easy to operate.

GC-46 gas chromatography is widely used in petrochemical, fine chemical, biological medicine, environmental protection, food hygiene, high purity gas, electricity, wine making, scientific research and education and other fields of analysis, is the best choice for daily detection.

The machine can be installed at most three injection ports and three detectors; Easy to install automatic liquid sampler and special custom valve system to achieve high throughput analysis.

GC-46 series networked gas chromatography can be equipped with 6‐bit, 15‐bit and 150‐bit liquid automatic sampler, and each parameter can be controlled by counter‐control software, which will bring better repeatability and improve work efficiency, while eliminating errors caused by manual injection.