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Automated Liquid Handling System

The VERSA™ Series of Automated Liquid Handling System is designed to automate assays of all shapes and sizes. VERSA™’s differing models provide different throughput options, which cater to complete customization depending on the assay in question, allowing complete control over the whole instrument setup. Our patented automated workstations range from compact, affordable, entry-level liquid handlers to high-throughput, efficient, fully automated liquid handlers. You don’t change for the instrument, the instrument changes for you.
Scale up your experiments without scaling up your budget or taking up valuable lab space! The VERSA™ 10 is a compact automated liquid handling machine that provides a versatile 6-position deck all in a footprint under 3 ft2. Utilizing air displacement pipetting technology, the system can handle volumes as low as 1µL. The 8-channel head with single-channel functionality provides flexibility to prepare anywhere between 1 to 96 samples. Applications:
  • qPCR and PCR Set-up
  • Sequencing Reaction Set-up
  • Nucleic Acid Purification
  • Microarray Spotting
  • Immuno and Biochemical Assays
  • Cell-Based Assays
  • Environmental Sample Preparation
  • General Liquid Handling – dilution, plate reformatting, aliquoting, cherry picking

Nucleic Acid Isolation System EXM 3000

The EXM3000 is designed as a high-tech instrument to isolate and purify
the nucleic acid through magnetic bead method featuring more efficient
extraction, smaller size and safer operation.


  • Throughput1-32
  • Process volume30 μL-1000 μL
  • Recovery rate≥98%
  • StabilityCV≤3%
  • Pollution controlUV sterilization
  • FiltrationHEPA Filter
  • Dimensions(L*W*H)375mm*415mm*440mm
  • Weight27kg